Health Insurance Premium Program (HIPP) 2021

Health Insurance Premium

In the event that you are disappointed with your kidneys and have health care coverage but cannot afford your expenses, the Health Insurance Program (HIPP) of the American Kidney Fund may have the option to help. Patients may meet all requirements of this program if they show a lack of wages and spare money to take care of their first-tier bills. HIPP covers Medicare Part B, Medigap, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid (in states that charge), business plans (marketplace plans count), principal’s welfare plans, and COBRA plans.

The Aga Khan Foundation is an independent charity. Our HIPP program builds on donor emancipation, and we acknowledge new applications to help HIPP as support unlocks.

What is HIPP?

In the event that you are disappointed in your kidneys and have health care coverage and cannot afford your expenses. The Aga Khan Foundation HIPP may have the option of assistance if the qualification possibilities of the program are met.

HIPP covers the expenses of:

  • Federal Medicare Part B
  • Federal Medicare Benefits Plans
  • Medicaid (if your state requires an exceptional premium)
  • Medigap
  • Business plans (market plans count)
  • Commercial Welfare Plans
  • Cobra Plans

HIPP Qualification Standards

You must live and have dialysis treatment for end-stage renal infection (ESRD) in the United States or otherwise in its fields.

At the time an existing HIPP patient receives a transfer, we provide healthcare coverage fee assistance to the patient through the end of the insurance inclusion plan year. Persons eligible for post-transport assistance by now must have HIPP assistance for something like three in a row for a very long time preceding the hour of their transfer.

You must meet the pre-qualification requirements to include the insurance for which the expense assistance is mentioned.

You must show that you cannot afford to be included in luxury. The Aga Khan Foundation will survey your family’s wages, reasonable costs and liquid resources before providing assistance.

You should carefully survey all types of health care coverage (Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap, COBRA, EGHP, commercial insurance) and accessible help to pay for your health care coverage (Medicaid, state and kin help, beneficiary societies) and select the mix that It better serve your monetary requirements and your sickness.

For more detailed HIPP data and rules. Please scan the HIPP rules which can be accessed on the Grants Management System (GMS) of the Aga Khan Foundation.


HIPP is for individuals who cannot afford the monthly insurance expenses. Decide your qualifications based on our measures of financial need.

We help you pay for your chosen luxury inclusion that best addresses your issues. Do not assist you in selecting or selecting an insurance plan.

When you get the award of assistance from the Aga Khan Foundation, it doesn’t make any difference where you are treated. We will assist you with whether your dialysis supplier or shift focus makes beneficial commitments to the Aga Khan Foundation, and you are allowed to change suppliers at any time. We do not help you choose a dialysis facility or other medical care providers.

Assistance is accessible with basic and supplementary insurances (the Aga Khan Foundation will not assist with multiple types of insurance).


When you get help from HIPP. You will have the option of accessing all of the Medicare departments covered by your insurance. Including the transfers and transfers allowed under your arrangement.

At the time an existing HIPP patient receives a transfer. We provide healthcare coverage fee assistance to the patient through the end of the insurance inclusion plan year. For example, a patient whose well-being plan is a year on a schedule basis and who receives a transfer in May will be eligible for HIPP assistance until the end of December. If the conversion occurs in the last quarter of the arrangement/strategy year, and the Aga Khan Foundation actually begins paying the fees for the next arrangement/strategy year, then, at that point, the Aga Khan Foundation will continue to grant assistance for the full new arrangement/strategy year.

We help you with whether or not your medical provider complies with the Aga Khan Foundation. Although you receive HIPP assistance from the Aga Khan Foundation, you are the owner of your own medical coverage strategy. The agreement is between you and the insurance company. You are responsible for seeing each of the terms of your agreement and for ensuring that your health care coverage charges are paid on time.

The Aga Khan Foundation Awards for Audit are requested on the premise of ‘first come first serve’. We are a free charity. Our HIPP program relies on the generosity of benefactors, and we acknowledge new applications to help HIPP with unlocking support.

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