Do you plan health insurance for viruses in Corona as an alternative to the deposit?

Health Insurance

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic may have been a wake-up call for many of those without any health insurance coverage for self or their family members. Depending on the length of stay in the hospital, the hospital cost can run into a few kernels of Rs. Those with health insurance policies have seen insurance companies pay hospital bills. However, those who did not have any health cover had to pay out of pocket. If you don’t want to dip into your savings to pay for escalating medical bills. It’s time to avoid the bankroll and buy enough coverage as soon as possible.

About Nour’s Health Plans

With Covid-19 not looking to turn away in a hurry. Insurance regulator IRDAI will require in 2020 that insurers offer exclusive coronavirus health insurance plans. There are two sets of Coronavirus health insurance plans on the market today. The Corona Kafakh policy and the Corona Rakshak policy. You can buy a Corona Kavach policy. The standard Covid health policy. From any public company or health insurer but life insurance companies cannot offer them. The biggest difference between the two is that in Corona Kavach policy the hospital is only billed as it is an indemnity based plan, but in Corona Rakshak policy 100 percent of the deposit is paid to the policyholder because it is a fixed benefit plan.

How do they help

The importance of coronavirus health insurance plans cannot be undermined, especially in these times. Such plans cover hospital expenses towards isolation of the patient, use of personal protective equipment, diagnosis and treatment of pre-existing diseases or developing comorbidities etc. It is advisable to choose an appropriate amount insured, keeping in mind your age, city of residence, type of hospital, current and any past health conditions etc.

Another advantage of coronavirus health insurance plans is that you don’t need to not keep paying the premium until they are short-term plans. Regular health insurance is a Corona Kavach policy or in addition, a Corona Kavach policy or a Corona Rakshak policy can be purchased to enhance coverage. In the event of a claim on any coronavirus health insurance plan, the no-claim bonus on an existing health insurance plan is not immediately affected.
In both the Corona Rakshak policy and the Corona Rakshak policy, the Corona Rakshak policy is covered, even co-morbidity arising from CovID-19 treatment, but both are of short duration. Since it is a short-term plan and the continued occurrence of the virus, including the imminent impact of the virus surge, it is better to choose a long-term policy with a high insurance amount.

Are they sufficient?

However, before you act to buy a coronavirus health insurance plan, knowing what it has to offer is important. Can they be considered an alternative to regular medical insurance plans? Both coronavirus health insurance providers will help you cover. The hospital expenses arising from Covid-19 and not if the hospitalization is due to any other illness. Thus, the extent of coverage is restricted in it as the sole purpose of meeting the hospital costs shared by COFT-19. While the minimum insured is Rs 50,000 in both plans. The maximum cover is Rs 5 lakh and 2.5 lakh rupees in the policy. Corona Kavach and Corona Rakshak plan, respectively. Due to the maximum amount being restricted. Do not treat coronavirus health plans as an alternative to Medicare.

Compare and get the best health insurance plan for your family and themselves.
Also, the plans are short-term in nature and will be available to hold a policy of 3 and a half months, 6 and a half months, 9 months, including the waiting period. To take care of your family’s health insurance needs. You need a regular medical insurance plan that can continue to provide coverage for life.

Not a substitute for medicine

The need to purchase health insurance coverage for self and family is to avoid dipping into one’s savings to meet the cost of the hospital. Medical plans are much comprehensive in nature and cover the hospital due to any medical events, including accidents. The spectrum of coverage in a health insurance policy is wide. Yet considering features like maternity coverage, OPD treatments, day care treatments, etc.

Therefore, do not consider a coronavirus health insurance plan as an alternative to getting a regular health insurance plan. Both the Koruna Kavakh policy and the Kura Rakshak policy are not a substitute for your health insurance needs. But will supplement your existing health insurance coverage. If you haven’t taken out a health insurance plan yet. It’s time to evaluate a well-crafted health cover portfolio for risks on all fronts.

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